Halloo Hint: Call Forwarding

Log into your Halloo account to access these call forwarding features.

Call Forwarding Tab

Insert your home, office, and cell phone numbers (xxx-xxx-xxxx) in the boxes provided under the forwarding tab of User Settings.

Call forwarding capture

Forwarding Options

Toggle each option on or off by clicking in the box.

Connect to the Halloo Dial Tone

The option “Connect to Halloo dial tone when I call in” can save you time when checking voicemail messages remotely by phone. Once activated, this feature will enable the Halloo system to recognize whenever you call into your mailbox from one of the previously entered Forwarding Numbers.

Use My Halloo Number

The option ”Use my Halloo number for caller ID” will allow you to see your own Halloo number on your home, office, or mobile caller-ID display whenever someone dials your Halloo extension but is forwarded according to your call routing preferences.

To learn even more about call forwarding, click here.