Great WSJ article on how to hook a prospect – look at their job ads!

The WSJ recently had a guest writer pen an article which we think is so simple, yet so brilliant it makes me ashamed I hadn’t thought of it. You can read it here, but the upshot of it says –

If you really want to know what hidden opportunities to sell a potential customer are, their job ads will give you insights that can’t be found anywhere else. Elements such as –

1) What’s the company language and culture?

2) Does the company keep hiring for the same positions? Maybe they could outsource some functions (to you).

3) What pain points does the company have? If they’re hiring people for collections or inside sales, are there productivity tools or consulting services that could help them?

4) Many job ads mention new locations or branch offices. Sales people call these “greenfield” opportunities because there are so many services across the board that new locations/branches/offices require.

How to sell a business by looking at its job ads

A great article for people who sell for a small business. Sometimes, you can find great tactics just by reading..