Dimewise: Secure Money Tracking

Dimewise App, having trouble tracking your purchases? Know where your money is and going is invaluable. This may be the App for you!

Rating: 3 stars!

What it does: Allows customers to keep track of their accounts from anywhere with an internet connection on a secure 256-bit connection.

Cost: Free app to purchase with a $5/month subscription.

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Trying to keep track of your bank account individually can be quite a task. Trying to keep track of your entire company’s, problem! Dimewise was created with businesses in mind. With this app you can track and log your purchases, expenses, and manage them securely. With the $5 subscription, you get an unlimited number of accounts that you can manage.

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Why I like it: Security is at the height of every business-owners list. Having this app so secure makes it almost a necessity. With this app, everything is “for your eyes only” so the worry of possible hacking is a thing of the past. It also has a free 30-day trial which gives the option to try before you buy!

There are several features that give you even more manageability. Reporting lets you track where your purchases are going and sort them into their respective categories. You can also categorize by date. It is also a web-based app so logging your accounts can be done virtually anywhere!

What I don’t like: Not very-user friendly. Their website doesn’t really give very many FAQ’s or directions. There is a good video explaining usage but not the details of the app. It is also very out-dated and the blog apparently ended as quickly as it was started.

Many of the usages in this app are also available through various popular banks.

Overall: I think this is a great app for small business owners for such a low price. The security that this app promises gives you such ease in knowing where you money is going and who gets to see it.

Product Review: Dimewise App
Leah Hollowell