Deets Helps Keep Contacts, Files, & Photos Organized & Straight

Recently, the Deets mobile app launched for iOS, and for those who have a lot of names, places, and photographs to keep track of, it should go a long way toward keeping all of that straight.

The newly-mined Deets for iOS provides a platform for keeping all those important bits of information straight. Deets offers a variety of communications functions as part of its normal purview, including some contact synchronization functions as well as a point of social networking. Users will be able to create their own profiles based on the exact nature of the contacts found therein–a family section for family members, a suppliers section for suppliers and the like–and the information displayed in those profiles is appropriately different. Users can also share photos, share files, and share–not to mention set up–calendar appointments.

Deets been described as being at least somewhat similar to Google+ Circles, though I can’t help but notice a little similarity to the Windows Phone environment here, if only on an aesthetic level. Those taking a run at this one for themselves will likely notice a few issues, especially in the early going of getting it up and running. While Deets can use an iOS address book’s contents to populate its opening listings, none of the automatic update features will work unless those same users start using Deets themselves. Deets requires manual contact selection to send invites, and takes a bit of doing to fully create profiles. This is likely going to be a lot better for smaller numbers of users, especially those in a small business setting, as it allows everyone involved to be more likely to be using the Deets app. It certainly does go a long way toward keeping things organized, even if it’s not, strictly speaking, all it can be.

Contact management is certainly an important part of keeping any small business together and running, but it’s certainly not the only thing involved. Keeping in touch with customers is every bit as important, and to that end, having a robust profile of cloud-based telephony tools in stock, like find me follow me systems and call answering systems, will go just as far toward building a business as any suite of contact management tools.

The Deets app may be better for small groups than for larger ones, but still, businesses in need of a way to manage those various names, places and contact information tidbits will likely want to look into this one further.

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