Company May Be Smaller than It Sounds!

If your company doesn’t have a call transfer feature, you might seem less reputable to your callers. A business without a phone system can likely handle the opening portion of most incoming phone calls. However, when it’s time to connect the caller to the correct person inside the company, the customer is given another number to dial! The conversation often sounds like this, “Actually, Jimmy does the billing now. Can you call him at 800-555-xxxx?”

Asking customers to dial a separate number is like asking website visitors to make extra mouse clicks. They both lower the conversion rate, the number of potential customers that actually turn into paying customers. Studies in marketing show that customers are very fickle when it comes to deciding which vendor to choose. Asking customers to hang up and dial another number is like asking them to never call again. It can be the death of a potential sale and mean the loss of a potential customer.

transfer your calls easily with Halloo

Small business phone systems offer an easy way for very small organizations to be able to transfer calls professionally like the larger companies. Choosing a cloud hosted system that’s as easy as Halloo will mean never again asking a customer to dial back on a different line!