Battery Boost Magic Gives Mobile Hardware More Output

Small businesses run, on at least one level or another, on mobile devices. And as such, having easy access to those devices is more important than ever. Battery Boost Magic looks to give mobile devices a lot more life with some easy battery management tools.

Battery Boost Magic, not too much different from the Carat app we covered some time ago, looks to help provide more battery life by providing an easy to follow look into just what your battery is going to provide life for, and where changes can be made to prolong that life. But unlike Carat, it won’t just tell you to shut things off to provide more life, but rather offer an array of different features in a bid to boost that battery. Battery Boost Magic thus comes with a wide array of device performance metrics, a screen maintenance utility to try and save some life by getting it running to its fullest there, professional full cycle charging for the battery itself, and even some tips and tricks to get the most life out of that mobile device lifeline.

Perhaps the most unusual part of the app is the Battery Pro feature, which allows users to engage in a three-step charge process in a bid to get the most charge into the battery in the first place. Users start with a fast charge, then a trickle charge, and finally, a top-off charge to ensure that the most life possible is ensconced in the battery itself. The charging continues even when the device is in use or even when it’s closed or locked. Better yet, the app can tell just how the device is performing to such a degree that it can determine accurately to within one percent.

The app is free for iOS devices, and works with not only iPhone, but also iPod and iPad. It even offers support for the Retina Display and on every version of iOS since 3.1.

While keeping the battery on your mobile device is important to make sure you can stay in contact with not only the home office but also the offices of those you’ll be contacting, they’re not the only ways to get–and stay–ahead. Cloud-based telephony tools are also valuable, and some of them even have a focus on the mobile device like find-me follow-me and call answering.

Keeping your mobile devices charged and ready to go is a very valuable skill to have on hand, and as such, the Battery Boost Magic app is going to give your mobile suite a lot of extra charge to keep it up and running to its utmost.

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