Your Local Phone Number Talks

Local phone numbers speak before you do.

Did you know that your local phone number talks about you? Without even connecting with a customer, it tells them where you are located. At least, it used to before modern day telephony came along. However, the old rules of phone numbers can and should be important to you. Continue reading

Seattle, Washington: The City of Amusement, Business and Coffee

Seattle Skyline

As the city of rich green forests, high caffeine consumption and thriving tech industry, there is no mistake as to why Seattle, Washington is one of the fastest-growing major cities. This “Emerald City” fosters a vibrant culture, strong community and endless amounts of cups of coffee. Continue reading

Benefits of a Toll Free Number

1-800 NumberSmall businesses trying to save money can find it difficult when building their online presence. Getting a phone number, buying image stock and providing videos can be time consuming and expensive. However, you can combat these costs to create a great looking website without gutting your marketing budget. Continue reading

Disaster Planning: Include Your Virtual Phone System

Sadly, unexpected disasters can strike your area and business in numerous ways. While there’s no way to completely prepare for every type of disaster, having contingency plans and needed tools readily available can help you navigate through tough times.

Part of a disaster plan should address how you’ll communicate with your customers, clients, and employees. It may not be feasible to individually call each member of your team or expect team members to have access to their normal work environment. Instead, you may need to set up a communication system that can be accessed by employees once they reach safety. Including a virtual phone system with automated attendant, call forwarding, and hunt group features into your disaster plan can minimize service disruptions. Continue reading

Halloo Hints: Transferring 800 Numbers to Halloo

Q: Can I port my number to Halloo?

A: Yes. If you’re porting a toll free, just follow the instructions here: Transfer Toll Free Numbers to Halloo.

Q: I’m thinking about a regular local number.

A: In that case, you’ll need to fill out the Local Number Portability (LNP) form here: Transfer Local Numbers to Halloo.

Thinking of Sending Newsletters Through Your E-mail?

Even if you’re sending as few as 25 e-mails from Microsoft Outlook or your e-mail client, as “news” or a “newsletter” e-mail, you could easily get your IP address blocked, preventing future e-mails from getting delivered to your customers – even if you’re just sending a single e-mail. First, let’s understand three important definitions –

E-mail MarketingIP Address: An IP address is a series of numbers assigned to a device connected to the internet to obtain host/network identification and location. ISPs will use your IP address to determine where your e-mails are coming from. Here’s how to find your IP address.

ISP: An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company that provides your connectivity to the internet. Each ISP can, and usually does, have their own spam filtering systems. See a list of the top ISPs in the US.

Whitelisting: Each ISP’s spam filtering system works in part by asking those who send bulk e-mails (which can be as little as 25 e-mails sent in a short burst of time) to apply for approval to send such mass e-mails in a process known as “whitelisting”.

Continue reading