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The Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Love Halloo Hosted PBX

  1. Up and running in minutes
  2. Works with the telephones you already have, no equipment to purchase
  3. Flexible hunt groups route calls quickly and efficiently
  4. Unlimited auto attendant menus and sub-menus for money saving information hotlines
  5. Highest reliability in the industry

How Much $$$ Does Your Sales Leave on the Table Each Month?

  • 55% of customer callers to small businesses do not leave a message.
  • The average small business misses approximately 14 calls per week.
  • 12.5% of missed calls are actually lost potential sales.

Real Customers.
Real Success.

Aug, 2013

Miles Baker
Marketing with Miles

“I use Halloo to automate our phone system process.  As a small company it's important for us to come across professionally.…”   Full story»

Jul, 2013

Ed Romanoff
Production Manager, Just Off Broadway, Inc.

“We've been thrilled with Halloo since our not-for-profit theater company needed phone and voicemail service in…”   Full story»

Halloo cloud-based phone system works with your existing telephones

Get that big company feel with the Halloo virtual phone system. Transfer calls with ease, set up instant multi-way conferences, and park calls with customizable music on hold. Forget about purchasing or leasing complex, expensive equipment. Halloo grows with you, whether you’re just getting started or have employees in multiple locations and time zones.

Work from anywhere with flexible call routing

Halloo can route calls to your mobile, office or home telephone. Work from anywhere with find-me, follow-me, voice mail to email, and fax to email features.

Enhance your image with a toll-free 800 number

Project a big company image with a Halloo toll-free number. Pick a great number from our inventory of 800, 888, 877, 866 and now 855 numbers to get started immediately. Or, if you want a more customized feel, get a memorable vanity number for your business. We also have local area code numbers in most U.S. cities.

Flexible hunt groups for you and your organization

Set up hunt groups to route calls to your sales and support staff using sequential or round-robin hunt. Users can

selectively block / accept calls from hunt groups so that calls get through quickly. Roll over from your own agents to the Halloo Receptionist for 24x7 live operator backup.

Make voicemail a thing of the past

The average small business line misses 14 calls per week. 55% of callers do not leave a voicemail. Now, have your phone answered 24x7 by a professional assistant when you can’t pick up. Our U.S. based receptionists answer each call professionally and courteously according to your instructions, while providing you with accurate callback information immediately via email. Just $1.80 per call. No monthly minimum.

Up and running in minutes

Halloo is easy to set up, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes. There are no long term contracts or monthly commitments.

30-day risk free trial

Try Halloo RISK-FREE for 30 days. Sign up for any Halloo plan and if you are not completely satisfied, cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

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Halloo Features

Small Business Corner


I’m glad you called. Can you call Sally at this number?

Kimm Antell
Small Business Owner and Author, Austin, TX

Not having a call transfer feature makes your business look untrustworthy.

As a small business owner myself, I’ve gone from the picnic table as a conference room to taking venture capital. In the early days, it’s common to take customer calls and have to tell them,

“Actually, Jimmy does the billing now. Can you call him at 415-555-8008?”

And when the company gets bigger and buys a traditional business phone system PBX, you hear your employees ask, “How do I transfer a call on this thing?”

Our webmaster made a good point once—asking customers to dial a separate number is like asking website visitors to make extra mouse clicks. They both lower the conversion rate.

What’s a conversion rate you ask?

It’s the number of potential customers you have that actually turn into paying customers. Studies in web marketing show that customers are very fickle when it comes to deciding which vendor to choose. In an era where everyone knows a Google search will show us 15 competing vendors (your competitors), it’s simply easier to click 2 mouse-clicks to find other choices than to endure a long customer service or sales experience.

My hunch is that asking customers to hang up and dial another number is like asking them to conduct the equivalent of ten mouse-clicks. While in the offline world of phone calls that may mean a lower conversion rate, in the online world that pretty much means death—you’ve lost that potential customer.

Is there a solution or am I just venting?

Hosted small business phone services offer an easy way for very small businesses (with picnic table and all) to be able to transfer calls professionally like the larger companies who have a true business PBX phone system. But unlike those traditional PBX systems or space-age VoIP phones with LCD screens and 15 buttons, choosing a hosted system that can use your existing phones means no one will ask, “How do I transfer calls on this thing again?”

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