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How do I dial in to change my greetings?

There are two ways you can dial in to change or create outgoing messages:

Recording outgoing message for voicemail

From any touch-tone phone, call your own Halloo number, and navigate to your own voicemail greeting. If you are a Halloo Office subscriber, you will need to dial through your auto attendant to reach your personal extension. By default, you would dial 9xx to reach your extension. For example, “901” to reach extension 01. Larger plans may have 3- or 4-digit extensions and you would have to dial 9xxx or 9xxxx.

During the outgoing message, press * (star), enter your secret PIN, and then press # (pound).

You will now hear an audio menu. This is known as the My Halloo Dialtone. From here you may access your voice messages, change your call forwarding preferences, and much more.

Note, if you dial from your pre-defined Office, Home, or Mobile numbers, and the Connect to Halloo Dialtone when I call in option is selected on the Call Assistant page, you will automatically jump to the My Halloo Dialtone, making it unnecessary for you to enter your PIN.

Recording outgoing message for Auto Attendant menus

Locate the Admin phone # field in the Incoming Calls form, and enter the 10 digit number of the phone you will be calling from. Click the [Update] button to store the phone number.

When you call your Halloo number from the designated phone, you will hear a special administration menu that will allow you to record new audio for your attendant menus. Just enter the menu-ID you wish to update (for example, ‘2’ for Office Directions) and follow the instructions to record the new audio.

When you finish recording your audio, be sure to clear the Admin phone # field again, so that you can hear your own menus as your callers will hear them. Click the [Update] button to save your changes.

IMPORTANT! Please note that when you use your telephone to call live audio greetings to your auto attendant, you will be using your plan minutes. We suggest printing out a script beforehand to review.