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Greetings from Halloo! Our customers are different in so many ways — they vary in size, industry, communication needs and more. So naturally we understand that our customers learn about us differently. Halloo Training resources offer even more flexibility and access to information about using Halloo for your business.

User Setup Guides

Individual User Guides — Download this PDF and distribute to any user in your Halloo Office plan. This guide explains how to set up your call forwarding preferences, record your voicemail greeting, and more.

Admin User Guides — Download this PDF and distribute to anyone in your company that will have administrator access or manage your Auto Attendant and User Extensions. This guide explains step by step how to add User Extensions, and how to integrate them with your customized auto attendant.

Conference Learning Opportunities

Join in our regular conference calls to get an interactive lesson with the experts! These interactive sessions are designed to help give you a live, high–level understanding of how your Halloo services work. Sessions are 20–30 minutes in length.

To Register: Send an email to [email protected] with your Account ID, and the name of the session you are interested in registering for. Halloo Support will email you a confirmation to the email address on your Halloo service plan.

Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:00AM
My Halloo: Get acquainted with the many features and preferences available to every Halloo Subscriber

Wednesdays, 3:00PM
IVR 101: The Quick and Clean way to customize your Auto Attendant

Fridays, 3:00PM
Call Center Magic: Optimize your Halloo FlexCall Center features and train your agents together for better customer service

Be sure to check this page often, because this calendar will change according to training availability and popular demand!