Meet the Grand Prize Winner of the Halloo Contest!

Meet the Grand Prize Winner of our Halloo contest! We asked the question, “How do you use Halloo in your business?” Jim Czekner, Founder of Meta Section, LLC, submitted this entry:

“Meta Section is our second company using Halloo.  The first company was sold to a technology services vendor a few years ago.  Keeping everything virtual with companies like Halloo, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud services affords us great flexibility and portability. Continue reading

The Best Time to Start a Business is During a Recession

It may seem counter intuitive, but recessions are perhaps the best time to think about starting a new business. Maybe you have been downsized out of a great job, or maybe just stuck in place for years without a raise. You probably want to get right back to doing what you were doing before the punch bowl got taken away in 2008.

The problem is, recessions are often a time where old models of business get taken to the woodshed, possibly never to return. During these times, there is tremendous opportunity to reinvent business methods and even whole industries. Down and out incumbents are vulnerable to nimble startups with a better solution.

If you’ve been thinking about striking out on your own, now is probably the best time to do so. Maybe you’ve been deeply entrenched in an industry and know where the inefficiencies lie. Think about changes happening in your industry and create your own opportunity.

Larry Summers in The Social Network

Larry Summers in The Social Network

In a memorable scene in “The Social Network“, Harvard President Larry Summers advises the Winklevoss twins, “Harvard undergraduates believe that inventing a job is better than finding a job, so I’ll suggest again that the two of you come up with a new new project.”

With modern cloud based tools for small businesses, it’s never been easier to start a business. Setting up a web site, phone system, payroll, accounting, and even paying taxes, is all possible with the click of a mouse. No more expensive equipment or software to buy, set up and maintain. Just focus on your unique value to the world and make it happen!

Here are the top 5 apps we feel every small business should start with –

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