Review: Google Plus For Business, a Possible Facebook Competitor?

We’ve seen it before, haven’t we? Oh, yes, indeed-y. They were called MySpace (excuse me, the hip name now is My____) and Facebook — the gladiator match of the decade and anyone can arguably say that Facebook won. Seriously, you get onto the MySpace page and notice that you can login to your Space using your login and password from Facebook! Facebook’s saying ‘I’m the Gate Keeper. What I say goes.’

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Leverage Your Social Networking Efforts with Klout

It goes without saying that in business, reputation means everything.  What isn’t as obvious, is how to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.  Many businesses, whether traditional brick and mortar or those that exist entirely online, are turning to social networking opportunities such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their overall marketing strategy.  This is the new ‘word of mouth’, and it can be very powerful.

So how do you know if it is working, when measuring the conversion rate for your online efforts can be difficult?   Fortunately, a free service offered by can help!

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