Review: Is the Microsoft Skydrive Still Relevant?

Part of the problem with technology these days is a lot seems to get obsolete in favor of more advanced versions. Think Terminator here. Yes, we loved Arnold, but let’s face it: the T-1000 kicked his tail to kingdom come. Because the T-1000 was more advanced.

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Review: A Taskforce of Cyberspace Nature?

Many would say ‘probably not.’ Introducing a rather interesting app that aims to solve the issue of overflowing e-mails and spam in the INBOX: it’s called Taskforce. Founded by Niccolo Pantucci and Courtland Allen, it’s an interesting innovation that essentially turns e-mails into…. Wait for it…. Tasks!

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3 Ways to Diversify your Cloud Portfolio

Google E-mailEarlier this week, nearly 150,000 Google e-mail accounts were deleted. Instantly. Without warning. For business owners taking advantage of the cost-savings offered by the Software-as-a-Service providers, many assume these clouds are infallible with multi-layered contingency plans in place.

But when we assumeā€¦

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