Review: The Google Apps Marketplace

So…. (ahem), let’s take a step back after all this reading and writing on the remarkable business apps out there for your small business and recognize the source: the Google Apps Marketplace. The pinnacle of small business evolution and revitalization. It’s a big deal. And here’s why:

Rating: 5 out 5 (I just can’t find any fault with it. Sorry)

First Off, What Is ‘Google Apps’?

Well, that answer is simple. Check in to Google, and you’ll find an enormous set of resources: chat, social, desktop enhancements, widgets, searches, even games. But more importantly, for the crowd I’m writing for, it even has a space for businesses. Entrepreneurs. Small companies out there. The backbone of the United States of America.

Embrace your auto attendants and applaud your call centers, please. Because this will delight you.

‘Google Apps’ is basically a database of downloadable applications utilized for your business needs. Everything from e-mail management to video technology and everything in between. You can’t miss a beat with this service from Google.

Exploring the ‘Marketplace’

To be more exact, this ‘Marketplace’ is the center point for all apps business-related. You, of course, need a Google account to even get in — but once you’re in, you’re exposed to a plethora of plentiful apps to place your meaty little hands on while in the board room — or your cubicle, or even the bathroom if you want (so long as you’ve got your handy netbook or iphone with you).

From then on, the sky’s the limit —

Let’s Go Flyin’: Here Are Some Apps to Consider

If sales and marketing is your thing, get in on the action with the clever MailChimp — a tidy app designed to organize your e-mail marketing solutions in a snap.

Or if customer management’s your deal, get in on Insightly, a CRM app that can help you see the face of every possible prospect with just a press of a button. Everything you need to know about your customers — it’s all there for you.

In addition, accounting and financing can be a breeze with the Wave Accounting app. Why? It makes it easy, breezy, peasy — with no need for a CPA on your staff.

As I said — the sky’s the limit.

Tremendous Growth

When you’re considering Google, you’d have to know that growth’s in the horizon. Check out these stats for yourself —

Those are some big numbers.


And after taking a look at the businesses utilizing the Google Apps Marketplace, you’ll have no argument against it.

For cryin’ out loud, the awesome cable network National Geographic’s on the ball with it!

And the statistics are in with the inclusion of cloud technology hitting the top of the mountain.

Inclusion is the way to go. Open source. Synchronization.

The Google Apps Marketplace has it all rolled up for you — but spread out into all different kinds of apps for your choosing.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Word.

Is There Any Doubt?

The Google Apps Marketplace is the place to be. It’s the coolest party in town.

Everything you’ve read from me on the Halloo blog has led up to this. And if you were still tilting your head, wondering what this whole ‘Google Apps’ thing was, now you know.

So get in on the action. Check it out. The party’s just getting started.

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