iPhone 5 Extra Row of Apps: Do More Aps Help Small Business?

iphone 5 extra apps and small business

Image Source: TalkVietnam.com

I’m going to offer a shameless rant for just one second: I hate being told ‘There’s an app for that.’  I hate when my phone asks me if I want to add an app and being advised that a website has a mobile app.  If I said yes to them all, I’d be flooded with a ton of apps I never use – which all need to be updated, by the way.  So, what does an extra row of aps on the iPhone 5 mean to small business, exactly?

First, if you aren’t familiar with the pop-culture term app as it applies to smartphones, take a minute to read the definition of applications.  The initial concept was to allow users to play games or educate themselves using these mini software programs. I have a very cool one on my phone called Fooducate.

My friend told me about it: She allows her daughter to indulge in any food item that gets a B+ or better. The app contains information including an ABC rating of the food plus details on chemicals, vitamins and variations of the product (i.e. if you love Captain Crunch, try Kashi Berry Crumble.)  Other apps give you movie reviews, tell you where police speed traps are and even a ‘Have to Pee’ app that gives you the nearest public bathrooms.

Pretty soon, as you can tell, we’re all bombarded with everything from the cheapest gas app to the Jillian Micheal’s recipe app.  All these little software applications were designed to be helpful and educational.  However, most were sponsored by businesses hoping to boost their sales of a product.

how iphone 5 apps can help small business

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Why wouldn’t coke come out with a find a coke machine app? (I made that up but I’m sure there’s an app for

that.)  The same goes for most businesses and brands popular on the market today. The free version gives you basics and you can buy the upgrade.  So, will an extra row of these apps on the iPhone 5 help small business?

Well, that depends.  What if, for example, all your sales people were required to set-up their phones with the same apps?  If every salesperson used the same benchmark for giving quotes or showing off  a picture gallery your clients would be pretty impressed.

What if the apps you required on your business phone focused on improving phone system co

mmunications, drafting immediate quotes in the field or simply acting as a GPS locator so you could keep track of your team? Better yet, with an extra row of apps, your employee can still keep their personal games, music and videos.

I also believe with the right marketing, an extra row of apps can open doors for small businesses.  All of a sudden, iPhone 5 users may make their one extra app yours.  As we plan our marketing budget for the new year, with the new development of an extra row of apps for iPhone 5, it makes sense to consider if your business should develop an app for that, doesn’t it?