Halloo for Google Apps Announcement

For those of you who follow our Twitter feed, you may have noticed that we’ve been talking about something new coming soon to Halloo. Soon has become today, and if you’re a Google AppsTM user, you’re about to get that first taste of just what we have for you.

Halloo has just announced an integration with the popular Google AppsTM platform. Millions of businesses run their email and calendaring on the popular Google platform, and now with Halloo for Google Apps, business phone functionality can be seamlessly added.

With this feature, users will be able to import their existing users and groups directly into Halloo for fast setup, and enjoy the convenience of single sign on (SSO) directly from GMail into My Halloo.

Easy Launch. Immediate Benefits.
Halloo customers can virtually assemble their Google AppsTM users who operate remotely or on the road into a uniform group that can easily be reached by customers with a single call. Presenting a unified, large company image while offering your customer callers sophisticated menu interaction choices has never been easier.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to provide a lot more capability to your small business, especially on the phone side of things, you can turn your business into a customer contact powerhouse with Halloo for Google AppsTM.

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