Does Your Small Business Need An iPhone 5?

The new iPhone is coming, and by some reports it’s going to start getting shown off as early as October 4th. But chances are, you’re wondering if this is the phone for your small business, and as always, we’ve got an answer for you, though the answer won’t be a simple one.

Basically, while no one knows exactly what will be in the iPhone 5 outside of Apple (most everything you may have already heard is rumor or “inside reporting” which may or may not be accurate), we can make some reasonable guesses. There will likely be improvements in processors, in memory, storage size, and assorted bonuses in form factor and the like. But the question you want an answer to is that of just how valuable this will be for your small business needs. And the answer to that is going to depend a lot on your current situation.

If you’re already using an iPhone 4 for your normal round of work, and using it extensively, then an iPhone 5 might be a good idea. There’s likely not going to be a huge uptick in capability sufficient to make it a big difference, but if you’re already getting a lot out of it, then chances are you’ll want the fresh model in and putting up the processor cycles for you. If you don’t have a smartphone driving your business, then you’ll certainly want to consider the iPhone 5.

But if you’re not using a smartphone extensively in your business already, nor can you see the advantages in one–a lot of small businesses out there don’t need a smartphone to power them as opposed to a laptop or full desktop, or even tablet–then naturally, you’ll want to keep out of the fad. Also bear in mind that this will be a pretty expensive proposition, between the cost of the phone itself and the price of the resulting plan to power it.

If you’re regularly mobile, already extensively using your iPhone 4, and want to put more power behind it, then you’ll want to join the throngs looking to get your iPhone 5. Otherwise, you may want to stay out of the huge lines.

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