How Can Your Business Benefit with Google Apps?

By now you may know that Halloo’s collaborative business phone system is available on Google Apps. But what is Google Marketplace, and how does it apply to your business?

Google Marketplace was developed so third-party applications could incorporate the numerous product features of Google. For instance, apps purchased in the Google Marketplace require only a single login, meaning you don’t have to visit each individual application’s page in order to sign into the system. These apps also automatically incorporate with your existing Google contact lists or calendars.

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Three of the leading business benefits of Google Marketplace Apps include productivity, accessibility, and storage. Having many of your business applications based in the cloud allows collaboration between employees, clients, and customers to be more fluid. Without the need for individual licenses and shared storage features, you can realize significant savings in both hardware and software. Your team members can gain access from just about any location and are unlikely to ever run out of storage space.

The Google Marketplace subdivides their products into three key categories: Applications (ex., accounting and finance, project management), Professional Services (ex., google analytics, training and change management), and Enterprise Search (content connectors, search extensions). This link provides a complete list of the products and services in each of these areas.

If you’re not currently a Halloo customer and want to see how Halloo’s business phone system integrates with Google, try it for free now.