Beat The Traffic Looks To Give Users An Edge On Traffic

We’ve seen plenty of traffic-related apps out here of late, but there are plenty of them vying for your views and purchases. Beat The Traffic is one such app, and it’s got an unusual focus that gives it something of an edge.

Beat The Traffic is focused not so much on GPS navigation, though there’s plenty of room for that here. The focus here instead is on the traffic that happens along the routes suggested. Beat The Traffic offers up the navigation standard in many GPS navigation apps, but it’s geared more toward the events on the way between points A and B. For instance, there’s a system that allows access to the traffic cameras in 34 different cities. It also allows for reporting incidents that drivers run into on their routes, allowing other users to spot what’s going on and adjust their routes accordingly.

Beat The Traffic even goes so far as to claim that several television and radio stations alike use the app to drive their traffic reports. This actually seems to be the case based on finding several screenshots of what looks like Beat the Traffic in action, and makes the claims just a bit more impressive as it actually makes sense to do so. Admittedly, Beat the Traffic is somewhat dependent on eyewitness reports, which isn’t always the greatest route to go–you finding a traffic jam depends on someone else reporting it, and if they don’t, you won’t know–but it’s reasonable to expect that someone will spot it and say something.

One key advantage with Beat The Traffic is that it comes in both Android and iOS, which means not only will this work with all those new iPhone 5 models out there as well as new iPads, but also, it will work out well for the variety of Android platforms out there. Additionally, while there’s a standard Beat The Traffic version, there’s also a version called Beat The Traffic Pro, that removes some of the limits on Beat The Traffic, like multiple personalized routes and the removal of the ads that come with the standard version of Beat The Traffic.

Naturally, just having the means to easily get around isn’t the key to success in small business. Small businesses can safely expect bonuses from cloud-based telephony tools like local numbers and hunt groups to ensure that it’s not only inexpensive for customers to get a hold of businesses but also easy for them to do so.

Getting from point A to point B in the most expeditious manner available is a fairly sure path to cost savings and time savings. With gas prices reaching outrageously high levels, a mile saved is, depending on gas mileage, maybe around 30 cents earned, so using the easy layout and variety of features in Beat The Traffic is going to be a smart move for small businesses.

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