Benefits to Adding a Click-to-Call Hyperlink to Your Company’s Website

For any business, it’s important to be easy to reach. Having a click-to-call hyperlink with your company’s phone number on your website can help grow your business!

Why Click-to-Call?

Customers still prefer to talk via phone, particularly if their questions have to do with product features or support, billing, and delivery. Since many customers default to online searches on their mobile devices for information regarding your product or company contact information, the overall customer experience can be improved by adding this simple hyperlink. (When adding this feature for mobile visitors, remember to place the hyperlink in a prominent location – such as the top of the page – on your website.)

It makes calling easy – leading to a higher chance that the call will actually be placed. Potential leads and customers no longer have to memorize your phone number and dial separately. Instead, with a smart device, the call can be placed with ease. With more calls coming in, your company representatives have a better chance of converting leads to sales, thereby increasing revenue.

Click-to-Call can also help you track your marketing ROI. You can use different click-to-call widgets on multiple webpages and digital ad campaigns. Tracking performance on which call-to-action statements and layouts perform the best can help your marketing team maximize future caller engagement.

Ready to give click-to-call a try? Here’s an example of how to insert it onto your webpage(s) – <a href=”tel:18882383822″>Call Halloo!</a>. (Don’t forget to add you own number and call to action!) Keep in mind that this feature only works if your customers are visiting your website via their mobile device. The hyperlink allows the phone portion of the mobile device to be activated without having to exit the web browser (with the phone number memorized) and type in the phone number separately.

If the majority of your visitors are using their desktop to visit your website, a feature such as Halloo’s Call Me button might be a better option.