Brooklyn: The Most Populous & Creative Borough of New York

BrooklynWith a population of nearly 2.6 million, Brooklyn is home to diverse neighborhoods, the creative arts and a growing economy.

As the most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn welcomes innovators and businesses alike. While it’s known for the hipster culture and setting for films and television shows, Brooklyn offers a great hotspot for startups and work environment for entrepreneurs. With being the largest business district outside of Manhattan, this bustling borough draws in a crowd of young professionals from New York City with the job growth and quality of life.

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Equipping Your Sales Team

Sales people organiationIn many organizations, sales is the most important part of business. It may come as a surprise that most salespeople claim that their company makes it difficult to meet quotas. Sales people who spend half their time performing administration duties have nothing to look forward to but lower sales numbers which affects your bottom line.

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Benefits of a Toll Free Number

1-800 NumberSmall businesses trying to save money can find it difficult when building their online presence. Getting a phone number, buying image stock and providing videos can be time consuming and expensive. However, you can combat these costs to create a great looking website without gutting your marketing budget. Continue reading