Washington, D.C. has Startup Power and Connections

Many of Washington, D.C’s startups have found success by providing solutions for government problems.

Since the federal government is interested in efficiency enhancing technology, D.C. is a great place for startups like Popvox, which helps citizens directly lobby elected officials; TroopSwap, a daily-deal site for the military; and TroopID, which helps companies overcome barriers to delivering benefits to veterans by registering and verifying service members’ credentials.   Continue reading

“Silicon Flatirons” Symbolizes Startup Success in Boulder, CO

One of the country’s hottest high-tech startup communities sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains and world class rock climbing and hiking trails.

For entrepreneurs, Boulder, Co. almost has it all – a concentration of national research labs, energy and high-tech companies and lots of outdoor recreation, sustainable living industries and film festivals. Continue reading

Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Halloo Biz Plan

A professional business phone gives your company an edge over the competition in so many ways. It ensures that you portray the kind of image you want your business to have. A small business phone that is professional and high-quality ensures that every customer, no matter when they call, gets exceptional service.

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