Review: Mojiva Advertising Network–Good For Very Specific Small Businesses

Advertising is the lifeblood of a whole lot of businesses. Whether you buy it or sell it, your business has a lot more to do with it than you think. And as such, ad networks have stepped in to help get advertising–and its accompanying dollars–moved around. One of the newest such networks to hit is Mojiva, who’s offering a lot of different directions for advertisers–buyers or sellers–to move in.

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6 Community Banks Start Lending as Part of the Small Business Lending Fund

Finally! The U.S. Treasury announced it has given $123 Million as part of the first phase of capital provided by the SBLF (Small Business Lending Fund).

“Expanding access to credit for small businesses will provide a powerful spark for growth and job creation,” said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. “These funds will help ensure that more Main Street entrepreneurs have the opportunity to expand their businesses, invest in their local communities, and create new jobs.”

So far, however, the only bank to lend any money to a small business is Community Trust Financial Corporation of Ruston, Louisiana. Come on folks, small businesses are the cornerstone of turning our recession around, let’s get lending!

Palm Rises From the Grave With a New Tablet!

And everyone thought Palm was turning into a dinosaur! Shame on them. Let’s be fair, though…

It was already pretty clear that with their Palm products, HP would take a dip into the tablet technology pool and we were going to see something on February 19, 2011.

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Fring Bridges the Gap Between Telecommuting Employees

The internet has changed the way businesses work. Behind us are the days we had to be in adjacent cubicles to communicate with our co-workers and cooperate on projects. We may miss the water cooler camaraderie that emerged from close proximity, but the savings in overhead combined with enticing expertise and experience that would have been out of reach can mean good things for your organization.

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Evaluating Toll Free Number Area Code Choices

There is no disputing the considerable benefit a toll free number can offer your small business. Even if it is an illusion, you can communicate the image of being a larger and more national company while encouraging your clients to contact you without hesitation.

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Review: Intuit GoPayment Mobile App–Highly Functional Credit Card Processor

Small businesses often find themselves dealing with the public directly. It’s no secret that many are retail and they want to accommodate most any form of payment a customer may offer. But credit card processing can often be cumbersome and difficult to do in a portable fashion like for those who use open-air sales facilities. That’s where Intuit GoPayment comes in and gives your business some credit.

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