Getting Started:

If you already have a Halloo account, just sign-in and visit the Referrals section of My Halloo.

Affiliate Program Terms

Halloo Affiliate Program Terms


In order for referral credits to be paid:

  • You (the Affiliate) MUST have a Halloo service account
  • the referred party must be a customer in good standing

Cancellations by the referred party that occur earlier than the third complete month of service will result in loss of any associated credits to both parties for that referral.

Getting credit for your referrals

Earning referral credits

All new referrals are subject to monthly minute credits..

Referral rules

The Affiliate Program is intended for use by Halloo Customers to refer individuals with whom they have a known relationship. Halloo does not support spamming (see our Spam Policy rules for additional detail). Please post responsibly.

Customers cannot refer themselves. This means that new accounts must use a different credit card number and credit card account holder name and they have to have different administrators, etc. than the referring account. No exceptions will be made.

If a referral cancels and gets their payment refunded, any Rewards credits you earned from that payment will also be cancelled.

You may not distribute any modified versions of our downloadable images or our logo.

Changes and Amendments

Halloo reserves the right to change the Affiliate Program at any time. The credit earned for a given referral shall equal the published credit on the website at the time that the referral signed up for service.

Halloo reserves the right to disqualify any Customer from the Program, eliminate any unpaid credits from the Affiliate account, and/or cancel their own Halloo service(s), without prior notice, in the event that we determine that any of our Terms of Service have been violated.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate our Affiliate Program at our discretion and without advance notice.