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Can I forward voicemail to my current email address?

Yes! Voice messages may be accessed online via the My Halloo website, or forwarded to an existing email address. This gives you the convenience of a unified inbox, and the ability to forward, save and manage your messages on your PC.

  1. In the User Settings tab of the My Halloo website, select the Voicemail subtab.
  2. Locate the heading New Message Notification.
  3. Check the Email address and Attach voicemail audio boxes to forward your voice messages to an existing email box.
  4. Click the [Save Changes] button to save your changes.

NOTE: When your system is set to forward voicemail to your email address, it will continue to retain emails in your online Halloo account until you specifically request that they be deleted. This is to prevent loss of critical emails in case of unexpected email connectivity delays or problems. In order to avoid incurring excess audio storage fees, you will want to delete the messages from your Halloo system periodically, even if you are primarily managing your voicemails from your email inbox.