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How to Set Up and Use Voicemail

How to Setup Your Voicemail

Record Mailbox Name and Outgoing Message

To record your mailbox name and outgoing message, sign-in to My Halloo, and go to the User SettingsVoicemail page. Record OGM

Click on the Rec. links to record your mailbox name and outgoing message. You will see a popup window which will walk you through the process of recording your audio. The Halloo system will call you to make the recordings. Select the Home, Mobile, or Office line that you would like to use to make the recording. We recommend that you use a non-cordless land line for the highest quality recording. If you have not yet configured your forwarding lines, please go back to the Call Forwarding setup page.

Click the Dial button to start the process. The Halloo system will call you and then prompt you to make the recording. When the audio has been recorded, click the Finished button to close the Record Audio window.

Setup Your Voicemail Options

You can customize your voicemail settings to tailor the system to your needs.

Rings before voicemail picks up: controls how long Halloo will wait before rolling over to voicemail. Each “ring” lasts 6 seconds, so 3 rings is equal to 18 seconds.

Maximum incoming voicemail length: sets the maximum length for new messages.

Forward urgent calls to: gives your callers the option to try you at a second location in case you don’t answer the first time. Usually, you will set this to your Mobile number. Your callers will be given the choice to “try again” to reach you, and if they choose to do so, your Mobile number will ring.

For further assistance: gives your callers the option to “bail out” from voicemail and try another extension. You can set this field to be another user, such as a secretary, or an auto attendant extension.

New message notification: allows you to receive email and text message notifications when you receive new voicemail.

How to Access Your Voice Messages

Access via My Halloo website

To access your voicemail from the My Halloo website, sign in and select the Messages tab for your extension. Here you can download, play and delete individual messages. You can also upload audio from your computer to update the greeting your callers hear when they reach your mailbox. For more details, refer to the Voicemail section of this guide.

Access via Telephone

From the My Halloo Dialtone, press to enter the voicemail system. At this point, you can:

Listen to all messages.
Record an outgoing greeting for this extension.
Record the user or mailbox name for this extension.
Return to the My Halloo Dialtone.

As you review each message, the time and date of the message will be read, and the recorded message played. For each message, you may:

Play the current message again.
Save the message and skip to the next.
Delete the current message and skip to the next.
Return the call.

Access via Mobile Web

Now halloo.mobi gives you the convenience of checking your messages on the go! The Mobile Visual Voicemail feature allows you to see your voice message inbox, listen to just the messages you want and quickly return calls or delete old messages with the simplicity of a browser interface. See the Halloo Mobile section of this guide for more details.