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How does call-forwarding work with Instant Messaging notification?

Instant Messaging notification gives you the ability to receive IM popup notification on your computer desktop for incoming calls. In the IM popup, you will see who is calling, and have the option of re-routing the caller to a specific forwarding destination or to voicemail.

In order to use IM notification, you must have a Jabber compliant client installed on your computer (see Support section entitled IM Notification for additional information on how to setup IM notification). Next, you must configure your extension with the Jabber-ID address of your client.

To add your JabberID to your extension:

  1. Login to the My Halloo website.
  2. Select the User Settings tab from the left hand side of the screen, and the General subtab at the top of the User Settings frame
  3. Enter the JabberID that you created when installing your Jabber-compatible client
  4. Click [Save Changes] to update.

To enable instant-messaging notification of incoming calls:

  1. Go to the User Settings tab for your extension
  2. Select the Forwarding subtab of User Settings
  3. Click the “Send IM notice for incoming calls” checkbox in the “Forwarding Options” section.
  4. Click [Save Changes] to update.