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Affiliate Program

“I use Halloo in a variety of ways for my business.  I have auto attendant set up and my phones forward to Halloo on no answer and busy.  For some extensions, I have it set up to ring an additional phone number prior to going to voicemail.  All messages are emailed to me and I check them either on the computer or in gmail via my android device.  For employees that are not checking voice mail after hours, I can set their mail box to send me the message.  Halloo allows me to be away from my office while handling all my calls.” —Michael Lewin, LEWIN & ASSOCIATES, Inc.

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Getting Started

The Affiliate program is open to all Halloo customers.

If you already have a Halloo account, just sign-in and visit the Affiliates section of My Halloo.

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Affiliate Program

All Account are now Automatically Members of the Halloo Affiliates Program!

Why refer to Halloo?

  • Earn more minutes while helping businesses you already serve work more efficiently!
  • Give every small business owner you know the flexibility to operate from anywhere, anytime, while projecting professionalism and credibility.
  • The Halloo system is completely hosted - it requires NO special hardware or installed software, so your referred customers can get up and running from any internet connection in just hours!
  • Your customers won't believe the power and control they get over the image they present to their callers; with 100% web access to every feature, they can configure their Automated Attendant and call forwarding preferences, check voicemails and faxes in their email, and more, from any Internet connection.

Here’s an example of how much you can earn:

Refer 5 new Halloo customers, and receive 500 additional monthly minutes for your account.

Begin earning credit after your referred customers have had accounts for just 2 months!

The affiliate program is in effect for all Halloo Product Plans. We reserve the rights to terminate the program at any time for any reason and pay a final one-time bonus to all participants


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