Grow Your Business with Interactive Voice Response

Every growing business experiences the following scenario at some point:

A new advertisement or marketing campaign generates attention and more potential customers start calling, causing the business owner and staff to spend significantly more time on the phone taking orders or answering questions.

An increase in calls can often overwhelm small- and even mid-sized businesses as they try to qualify new leads, or answer general inquiries while still trying to maintain service quality elsewhere.  Some hire additional staff, while others rely on the phone company to provide additional lines to manage the workload – but these options carry significantly greater cost than automating inbound calls. Continue reading

Increase Access with Hunt Groups

Ever feel that more and more people are not listening to their voicemails? The hustle and bustle of life has gotten so hectic, a businessperson could save 30 minutes a day by erasing every voicemail left during the day! But, if you’re a small-business entrepreneur, erasing is not an option! You need to make sure you’re in contact with your clients and that means listening and responding to your messages. It’s absolutely crucial. Continue reading

Review: Ning Is Changing, Revolutionizing, and Ope-Ning New Doors (at a Huge Cost)

Blogs, blogs, blogs — it’s all about the blogs. There was a time when a blog was nothing more than a diary for a 15-year-old with a smartphone and cute scrunchies.

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Review: PocketCloud Explore Explores New Horizons

If you could be a god — I mean, a real deity with superpowers, specifically the ability to manage the entire heavens, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, everything — how would you feel? Pretty fantastic, I would think. And that’s pretty plain, too, if you had that power in your very own entrepreneurship.

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Review: Air Sharing Shares All Documents on the Go

Don’t you just hate those small flash drives you end up losing somewhere? As a business, it’s always a hassle. They’re just too small, too puny, and too deceiving. So why do we need those pesky flash drives for anyway?

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Review: WorldCard Mobile Brings Business Cards to the New Digital World

See? There’s still a reason for prestigious paper products in small business. I’m, of course, talking about ‘business cards.’ Those tiny herringbone-colored high-quality trademarked trendy business signatures suggesting that you’re all about professionalism.

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Review: Seesmic Ping Sees Into the Future

Synchronization. That’s honestly become the middle name (and first and last name, really) of truly good business practice. Everything needs to be synchronized, working harmoniously in a business. Like a well-oiled machine. But can you imagine that working with social media?

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Review: Bump Is No “Bump” in the Road

It’s almost like an age of nostalgia, this idea of passing one of those pristine business cards to a colleague. That one simple act is a true hallmark of networking. The idea of the business card is basically the auto attendant and call center of person-to-person communications. Seriously!

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Review: Google Local, Sticking to Its Own (Not so Smart?)

Once again, Google’s on the news here in the small business arena. What do you expect? You’re looking at the multi-media cyberspace ultra-giant mega-monster of the internet. Google. And now guess what? They’ve gotten so big, so powerful, that they have their own entrepreneur word-of-mouth advertising service called….

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