Review: The Chromebook, a Laptop for Life

This is simply a state of fact: cyberspace has gotten bigger — and bigger, and bigger — and massive. It’s gotten so big that you can practically harness memory for your business files, pictures, everything — all online!

Sort of changes the game in terms of storage for your small business now, doesn’t it?

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Review: We’re Kind of on Fire With the Kindle Fire

Tablet technology, the new frontier: these are the voyages of the starship Amazon, it’s (however many) -year mission to explore strange new worlds in cyberspace, to seek out new accounts and new digital devices, to boldly go where no computer has gone before!

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Palm Rises From the Grave With a New Tablet!

And everyone thought Palm was turning into a dinosaur! Shame on them. Let’s be fair, though…

It was already pretty clear that with their Palm products, HP would take a dip into the tablet technology pool and we were going to see something on February 19, 2011.

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