Shelling Out a Ton of Money to Watch TV: Can Hulu Plus Save Us?

For most people, it already has. Understand that you’re dealing with a service only costing $7.99 a month, and you get to stream shows through your internet connection directly to your TV via a Roku, Playstation 3, XBOX, Wii, or even just a basic Blu-Ray player.

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Review: Yummy, Yummy Jelly Beans From Android

Small business owners, rejoice. If you feel the love with your Android-powered devices, know that the latest delicacy in the Android operating system, “Jelly Bean,” does come with some extra unique features.

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iPhone 5 Extra Row of Apps: Do More Aps Help Small Business?

iphone 5 extra apps and small business

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I’m going to offer a shameless rant for just one second: I hate being told ‘There’s an app for that.’  I hate when my phone asks me if I want to add an app and being advised that a website has a mobile app.  If I said yes to them all, I’d be flooded with a ton of apps I never use – which all need to be updated, by the way.  So, what does an extra row of aps on the iPhone 5 mean to small business, exactly? Continue reading

Review: Will YouTube Replace Commercial Advertising?

I’m all about going past the norm when it comes to small business and entrepreneurship, especially when it involves technology. So this is going to be quite the edgy review! And one many might enjoy: it’s about the mega-giant of videos, YouTube.

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iPhone 5, iOS 6 Release Means Big Changes To The App Store

While we talk a lot about apps for Apple devices like the newly-minted iPhone 5, the release of iOS 6–the operating systems which powers the iPhone 5–has sparked a variety of changes in the place where those apps are acquired: the Apple App Store itself. These changes have left developers looking to catch up, but what can be done?

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