Exxon Mobil Fuel Finder Helpful But Very Specific

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One thing that every business traveler needs, in no uncertain terms, is gasoline. While there are many places to get the substance at any given time, for those who prefer Exxon Mobil, it’s not always easy to find such a dispensary. With the Exxon Mobil Fuel Finder app, however, finding Exxon Mobil is about to get a lot easier.

The Exxon Mobil Fuel Finder app works with all current lines of iOS technology, from iPhones to iPads to even the iPod Touch, as long as said hardware is running at least iOS 5.1. It’s not specifically optimized for iPhone 5, which is a bit of a downside, but given the overall nature of the app, it’s not too big a problem.

The app itself, meanwhile, devotes itself to doing exactly what its name implies: locating Exxon Mobil stations throughout the United States. More specifically, however, it doesn’t just provide the real time maps and driving directions that would commonly be expected of an application like this. It also offers up the ability to search based on certain features. For instance, for those drivers who need diesel fuel, the app can search for Exxon or Mobil stations that offer diesel on at least one pump. Other options include the ability to search for attached convenience stores, access to Speedpass service, car washes, service bays, stations with pay at the pump options and stores that are open around the clock.

While the app itself works, and works very well–the interface is clean and simple, even going so far as to warn users against using it while driving–the name itself implies certain weaknesses, and the implication is as valid as the implication would suggest. See, this app focuses on Exxon and Mobil locations. Only on Exxon and Mobil locations. If there are no such venues in the particular area where this app is being used, then the app is useless. It won’t refer you to a Shell station or an Admiral or anywhere else in the event that one of those stations is not available. That’s not exactly a big help, but it is a good start.

A good start, certainly, and good enough to be easily augmented by the proper use of cloud-based telephony tools. Having access to hold queues and hunt groups allows for better processing of incoming calls, and incoming calls require no gasoline to obtain and handle.

Thus, one way or another–with the correct application of cloud-based telephony tools or the application of tire rubber powered by gasoline on road surfaces–businesses can obtain those contacts that they need to survive every day. The Exxon Mobil Fuel Finder provides one way to get those contacts, but not the only one, and that makes it a worthwhile tool to have on hand.

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