Where Should You Place Your Phone Number?

Having a quick and easy way to call your business is one of the most powerful additions to any website. In fact, if your website does not have prominent phone number placement already, it is time for you to speak to your web designer about creating a way to easily call, not only to your home page, but to every page of your website. If you are the web designer at your business, a quick online search can provide step-by-step instructions on how to easily add a click to call button that connects directly to your business. Continue reading

Halloo Hint: Click-to-Call

Turn website visitors into calling customers! You can convert your website traffic into live sales with Halloo‘s Click-to-Call feature. A simple link on your website, e-mail, or online advertising gives your callers the convenience of one-click calling directly into your sales department.

Click-to-Call has two primary advantages for your small business team:

Review: The Automated Attendant (in a Robot Voice)

The future is now. Tron is here. Light sabers on, proton torpedoes ready — engage!

Yes, technology really is taking over. Very soon we’ll all be encased in carbonite while a giant worm named Jabba enjoys entertainment in his private studio. The same can go for small businesses!

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Review: The Classic 1-800 Song and Dance

You remember those commercial jingles from long ago, a chorus of peppy singers behind the TV screen? Typically it was for a product that could only be sold by phone, not in stores. They were so infectious that we couldn’t help but pick up that phone and dial that number, because we wanted what was being sold so badly that we were willing to sell our souls to the devil just to get it.

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Review: Hunt Groups for Your Small Business

Okay, not many people these days are listening to their voicemails. The hustle and bustle of life has gotten so hectic, a businessperson could save 30 minutes a day from erasing every voicemail left on that day! How’s that for efficiency? Still, if you’re a small-business entrepreneur, you need to make sure you’re in contact with your clients. And that, unfortunately, means keeping an eye (actually an ear) on your messages. It’s absolutely crucial.

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Review: IVR Systems for Small Businesses, an Invaluable Viable Resource

Clever, huh? That’s what IVR stands for, for me — Invaluable Viable Resource. No, really, it actually means “Interactive Voice Response.” What the heck do I know, right?

Hopefully, a lot — as this particular article’s going to tell you some of the logistic philosophy surrounding the concept of Interactive Voice Response within a company

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Halloo Hints: Set Up Your New Solo or WebCall Account

Follow these simple steps in order to set up your new Halloo account. You must have your Account-ID, Username, and PIN handy in order to sign in to My.Halloo.Com. If you are unsure of this information, please visit My Halloo and click on “Sign-in help” to retrieve your PIN.

  1. Sign in to My Halloo as yourself.
  2. Set up your General preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to send you email and page you.
  3. Set up your Call Forwarding preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to reach you.
  4. Set up your Voicemail Greeting and preferences next, so that your callers can leave you messages.

Halloo Hints: Click to Call and WebCall are the same

Click2CallQ: I tried to open a WebCall account, but it didn’t work for me. That’s when I found out I could already use the click-to-call features and buttons on my existing plan. Are they the same?

A: Yes. Click to Call is the name of the feature which allows you to post links on your website and in e-mail to allow callers to call you toll free. WebCall is a Halloo service plan which gives you Click-to-Call and voicemail, but does NOT include a telephone number. So you can sign up for WebCall to make calls out, and to receive calls via the web, but in order to receive calls from people who dial you directly, you would upgrade to a Halloo Solo plan, which gives you a Toll Free number.

Click to Call is a standard feature of all Halloo plans: WebCall, Solo, Office, Business VoIP, and FlexCall Center.

Halloo Hints: Add a CallMe! button to Outlook

Adding a CallMe! button to your Outlook signature is similar to the other email programs. The key is to create a small file using a text editor like Notepad containing the HTML signature.

  1. Go to the CallMe Button Wizard at Support > Click-to-Call and enter your Account-ID and extension.
  2. Decide how you want your button to look and then copy the HTML from the box in Step-4 into a plain text file using an editor such as Notepad.
  3. Add any other personal information you want to the file, and save it with the name “signature.html”.
  4. In Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signatures.
  5. Pressing the Signatures button will show you your current signatures (if any). Press [New…].
  6. Pick the option “Use this file as a template:”, and then open your saved “signature.html” file.
  7. Click [Next >] and make any additions needed to the file.
  8. Click [Finish], and when you return to the Options window, select the new signature in the “Signature for new messages:” and “Signature for replies and forwards:” options.
  9. Click [OK] to finish!

That should take care of using the CallMe! button in Outlook. Take a look at screenshots.