CamCard Lets Users Climb That Mountain Of Business Cards

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We cover a lot of different navigation apps around here, and while it’s important to know where you’re going, getting the most out of those trips is a different matter. CamCard looks to provide a little extra help for those who make a lot of contacts and want to keep them in line.

Available for iOS, and especially those users with new iPhone 5 models, CamCard allows users to take their iPhone camera–already a very popular mobile device in its own right–to take pictures of business cards. This by itself wouldn’t mean so much, but CamCard can offer further manipulation of said business cards, allowing the data on the card to be saved to both the Card Holder program or to Gmail,  as well as to the iPhone’s address book system. CamCard allows for the handling of cards printed in 12 different languages, primarily European languages like Spanish, French, Swedish and several others, and can even sort cards based on a variety of different parameters. It can both recognize and create QR codes and handle large batches of cards.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of the CamCard app is its cloud-based connectivity. We’ve seen the cloud do amazing things for phone service, but CamCard uses the cloud for getting the most out of those business cards that you collect throughout your travels. The cards scanned with CamCard can be saved to a cloud storage system, and thus provides a measure of backup in the event that cards should be accidentally deleted, or if users decide to trade in their old devices for new and want an easy way to move their card listings to a new device.

While this serves a very useful purpose–an outside sales rep, for example, can easily pick up hundreds of business cards in a matter of weeks–and does so using some of the safest in technology, it also offers up that technology in an easy to use fashion featuring a device that many are already familiar with. Coupling that familiarity onto a comparatively simple user interface adds up to a system that, for many, will prove effective and easy to work with.

But it’s not just business cards that make a business run, even with the power of the cloud behind them. Another major use for the cloud, cloud-based telephony, looks to make a major impact on the way users work with the cloud, and more specific cloud-based telephony features like hunt groups and find-me follow-me systems make it a lot easier for those businesses you contacted to contact you in the future.

Knowledge is key to many business operations, and the better that knowledge is used, the better the overall chance for the business as a whole. CamCard looks to give businesses an edge in knowledge management by making all those separate facts a lot easier to work with.

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