The Business Benefits of Gratitude

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Gratitude is powerful. Individuals who express gratitude tend to be more optimistic, experience better health, and even have longer life spans.  Gratitude, as defined by Meriam-Webster, is a “feeling of appreciation or thanks.” Gratitude tends to benefit all parties involved too! For example, according to Dr. Charles D. Kerns, the expression of gratitude in the workplace can impact job satisfaction, loyalty, and organizational citizenship while reducing employee turnover and increasing profitability and productivity.

It takes more than just a simple “thank you’ to realize the benefits of a gratitude culture. Dr. Kerns defines these four factors in gratitude:

  • Intensity – the amount of gratitude around a positive event
  • Frequency – the number of times gratitude is expressed
  • Span –  the breadth of events is included in the gratitude (such as family, life, health)
  • Density – the number of people and events involved in the gratefulness

The higher you fall on each of these measures, the more grateful you are.

Feel like you need a little help cultivating gratitude? Need help sign

Try these tips for growing (Harvard Health Publication) and showing (American Express Open Forum) gratitude.

Growing Gratitude

Try writing thank you notes which you send or hand deliver. Mentally thank people, even if you are unable to reach out in person. Keep a gratitude journal with all of the things that you are thankful for over the course of a day or week. Consider mindful meditation focusing on things you are grateful for such as the stillness of the room or the sound of the ocean.

Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

Need creative ways to express gratitude in the workplace without giving away cash? Consider these fun, “outside of the box” ideas: long lunch passes, casual dress days, or the loan of a rental car for the week. (For more fun ideas, click here.)

What are your favorite ways to show gratitude in the workplace?

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  • Jeremy

    Thanks for this article! I’ve been lucky to be doing some freelance work for a gratitude gift giving company, and reading lots and lots of gratitude articles and just like you are what you eat, works the same on what you feed your brain. I’ve been feeling more and more grateful for the work I have and the life it affords me, and let me stop comparing it to everyone else I know and what they have in their lives. You might like the business I work for . They really practice what they preach. Thanks for gratitude article. We need more and more of this message to spread and get into people’s hearts and minds. We’re so lucky to be on this wonderful planet, and we forget what a gift life is.