bGPS Puts A Boost Under Mapping With Loads of Extras

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GPS navigation has been rapidly on the grow for some time now, and with a variety of new applications coming out, there are a lot of choices when it comes to just which to use. bGPS looks to bring a lot of extras to the field and hopefully land your business in return, especially for those businesses packing the new iPhone 5 models.

bGPS not only allows users to find out just where they are in relationship to the places in which they’d like to be, but also allows them to find other people in relationship to where they happen to be at the time. Of course, it’s not automatic–that would make this an app for crazy stalkers–but if the people in question accept requests for tracking they can not only have their location displayed on the app. Additionally, the locations can be displayed on Web browsers as well for those who are remaining stationary while others are out moving in pursuit of business.

But it’s not just about tracking other people, it’s also about tracking yourself from where you are to where you want to be when the way to get there seems just a little unclear. There are multiple ways to create routes, including working with the map or by direct address input. There’s also a voice direction feature, though this is only activated during the routes, so it isn’t quite so intrusive as it might be.

In what may be a distinct plus or minus depending on location, however, bGPS uses an Internet connection to establish its driving directions. This is done so that the app can take up less space on the device itself, but for those without reliable Wi-Fi coverage, 3G or 4G LTE around, it will make this app frequently useless.

This is great for those who have fleets to manage; delivery services, multiple outside sales reps and the like. It’s also great for those who are trying to manage those services in areas with good quality wireless signals. The ability to easily track locations via app or via Web browser will doubtless be important for those companies who want to maximize productivity while at the same time reducing the risk of spoiling employee morale thanks to the overall unobtrusive nature of the tracking. The app itself is fairly easy to use, and has even been optimized for iPhone 5. It can be had right now for $4.99.

However, it’s never just tracking software that really makes a business successful. The efficient use of cloud-based telephony software is also going to be a major part of the equation. Bringing in systems like hunt groups and screen pops can not only make it easier for callers to get in touch, but also to get the most information about them when they do make that call.

The end result here is that, under certain situations, bGPS may be just the navigation system a small business needs to help keep its various locations under control. Whether managing a fleet, a group of sales reps, or just needing a way to easily find a way from point A to point B, bGPS may prove just the ticket.

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