Benefits of a Toll Free Number

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1-800 NumberSmall businesses trying to save money can find it difficult when building their online presence. Getting a phone number, buying image stock and providing videos can be time consuming and expensive. However, you can combat these costs to create a great looking website without gutting your marketing budget.

Finding a Phone Number

If your business appeals to more than you local community, you should get a toll free number so your state and international customers can easily reach you. A 1-800 number from Halloo offers even more benefits to your company.

  • Big Company Appearance: Even if you are a company of one, a toll free number creates an appearance of a big, bustling business.
  • Capture Caller-IDs: With Halloo’s interface, you can track all callers to your toll free number even for unlisted and blocked numbers.
  • Customer Service: 1-800 numbers are often used as Customer Service and will emphasize a feeling of trust with your customers.

You can also get a local number for your company and a toll free number for customer service or sales. Many combinations of local and toll free phone numbers can be made to suit your company. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your phone number needs.

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  • Kristi Allen

    An 1800,800,888 Phone Number allows the business to create extensions that can be associated with the marketing campaigns like billboard in Times Square, a print ad or a website ad to increase their call volume, sales, and ROI.