What is Skills-based Routing?

Hunt group routingGet the most out of Halloo hunt groups with skills-based routing. Add groups based on additional skills within your company, such as language skills or product skills.

How Does It Work?

When an incoming call to your call center cannot connect to the teammate available, your virtual phone system will try the most suitable agent with the same skill set instead of trying the next agent in line.

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Halloo Hint: Don’t Get Caught in a Phone Loop

This is great advice for new Halloo users.

Q: What is a phone loop?

A: Phone loops are an easily fixed, but common problem with users new to virtual systems. This happens when you have your phone forwarding to one number and then set that phone to forward to the first number. You will notice a drop in calls and your costs will increase exponentially.

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Halloo Hint: Click-to-Call

Turn website visitors into calling customers! You can convert your website traffic into live sales with Halloo‘s Click-to-Call feature. A simple link on your website, e-mail, or online advertising gives your callers the convenience of one-click calling directly into your sales department.

Click-to-Call has two primary advantages for your small business team:

Grow Your Business with Interactive Voice Response

Every growing business experiences the following scenario at some point:

A new advertisement or marketing campaign generates attention and more potential customers start calling, causing the business owner and staff to spend significantly more time on the phone taking orders or answering questions.

An increase in calls can often overwhelm small- and even mid-sized businesses as they try to qualify new leads, or answer general inquiries while still trying to maintain service quality elsewhere.  Some hire additional staff, while others rely on the phone company to provide additional lines to manage the workload – but these options carry significantly greater cost than automating inbound calls. Continue reading

Halloo Hints: Set Up Your New Solo or WebCall Account

Follow these simple steps in order to set up your new Halloo account. You must have your Account-ID, Username, and PIN handy in order to sign in to My.Halloo.Com. If you are unsure of this information, please visit My Halloo and click on “Sign-in help” to retrieve your PIN.

  1. Sign in to My Halloo as yourself.
  2. Set up your General preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to send you email and page you.
  3. Set up your Call Forwarding preferences so that the Halloo system knows how to reach you.
  4. Set up your Voicemail Greeting and preferences next, so that your callers can leave you messages.

Halloo Hints: Click to Call and WebCall are the same

Click2CallQ: I tried to open a WebCall account, but it didn’t work for me. That’s when I found out I could already use the click-to-call features and buttons on my existing plan. Are they the same?

A: Yes. Click to Call is the name of the feature which allows you to post links on your website and in e-mail to allow callers to call you toll free. WebCall is a Halloo service plan which gives you Click-to-Call and voicemail, but does NOT include a telephone number. So you can sign up for WebCall to make calls out, and to receive calls via the web, but in order to receive calls from people who dial you directly, you would upgrade to a Halloo Solo plan, which gives you a Toll Free number.

Click to Call is a standard feature of all Halloo plans: WebCall, Solo, Office, Business VoIP, and FlexCall Center.

Halloo Hints: How do I know if it’s a Halloo call and not my Grandmother?

Q: When the Halloo system forwards a call to my cell or home, is there a way to know that it is a Halloo call as opposed to say my grandmother calling in?

A: On the “Forwarding” page of “User Settings”, click “Use my Halloo number for Caller-ID” and “Save Changes”. Your caller-ID will show your Halloo toll free number instead of the original caller.

Telephone Jokes: A Little Humor for Your Week

Phone HumorsThe policeman arrived at the scene of an accident to find that a car had struck a telephone pole. Searching for witnesses, he discovered a pale, nervous young man in work clothes who claimed he was an eyewitness.

“Exactly where were you at the time of the accident?” inquired the officer.

“Mister,” exclaimed the telephone lineman, “I was at the top of the pole!”

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Halloo Hints: Audio Recording

Q: I’m trying to get that record audio thing to work and call me but it is not working. Can you check it and let me know if I’m doing something wrong?

A: You need to set up your forwarding numbers first so that the system knows where to call you. Sign in to My.Halloo.Com, and click on “User Settings”.

Then click the “Forwarding” tab to set up your phone numbers. Enter at least one number here and click “Save Changes”.

Next click “Voicemail” and then “Record”. You will now see your new forwarding number(s) displayed in the “Location” menu.