Tips for Getting Started with Halloo

Ready to get started with Halloo? It’s really simple to set up your new virtual business phone service!

  1. Sign up for a toll-free or local business number with Halloo. (You can also port your existing number over.)
  2. Visit and sign in using the account details from your welcome email.
  3. Begin setting up your account preferences.

Once you’re signed in, you will see the My Halloo summary page for your extension. This page gives you an overview of new and saved messages waiting for you. Links to pages related to your extension such as voicemail, contacts, call log, and user settings are also on this page.

The User Settings tab is where you will configure your own extension, including your email and SMS text alert options, forwarding telephone numbers, voicemail greeting, and scheduling options.

At the top of this and every page is the Call Control Panel, which allows you to update your Find Me, Follow Me setting, and make outgoing phone calls through Halloo. If you are part of a hunt group, you can also choose to accept or block calls from the group using this panel.

Halloo virtual phone system user

Team member takes a customer call via Halloo’s cloud based phone system.

Administrators can control user settings for any extension in the account. Non‑administrators have more restricted access, to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to the account.

Every extension needs a unique name and an extension number associated with it. Users, groups, auto attendants, fax inboxes, ACD queues, and/or meet me conferences can all be assigned unique extensions allowing you to get most from your phone system’s features.

These tips should get you started with Halloo! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t forget to download the Halloo virtual phone system app to your iPhone!

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